I am a writer/director and occasional producer with over twenty five years experience of writing and directing programmes including; training, brand image, commercials, documentaries, music videos, change management programmes and drama. My clients include businesses, organisations, charities, and government departments.

I began in music designing artwork for The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks and Simple Minds and moved into creating marketing campaigns for Dr Feelgood, U2, The B52s and Kid Creole & The Coconuts.  I also worked with Bob Marley, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush and Marianne Faithfull – and directed music videos for them all.  I won a Music Week marketing award for ELO advertising and a D&AD award for a Dr Feelgood album cover in the ‘Packaging’ category – long before they had a specific record cover section.

I became a commercials director and worked extensively with J Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Benton and Bowles and BBH.  I specialised in visual location work and made spots for Schlitz beer, Tennants Lager, Warninks, The Times and The Sunday Times.  I won awards throughout the world for a Samson Batteries commercial including a Creative Circle Gold and a Lion d’Argent at Festival du Cannes.

In 1990, I directed a highly regarded television documentary, “Les Miserables – Stage By Stage”, which was broadcast throughout the world and won an Ace Cable Award.  

I have also won awards at BAFTA, IVCA, Mobius, US International Film & Video Festival and The New York Film & TV Festival.

Currently my work is focussed in the corporate sector and I write, direct and, if required produce, drama, brand identity and interview-based programmes.

I have interviewed many executives and celebrities and use a gentle and intuitive approach to reassure interviewees and put them at ease.

Last year I made a hard-hitting internal comms docudrama for Royal Mail about bullying and harrassment which was well received.  I made an AGM film for Associated British Foods which had to strike a balance between showing shareholders where their money was being invested without it appearing we were profligate with the production budget and I made a number of video records of Royal Television Society awards events including the highly prestigious Journalism and Programme awards.  I also made powerful brand films for Red Bull Racing, featuring Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.  

Although social media is more and more becoming the resource of first call, I believe that a well written, well crafted video is a potent communication tool.  It can have the power to inspire, move and persuade the viewer. I am happy working on any size budget from a one-day shoot to a full-scale complex production.  My interest is in programme making and story telling – the size and scale are secondary.

HM Inspector of Constabulary                         Internal communications documaentary

Royal Television Society 2016                         RTS Programme Awards review of winners and the event

Royal Mail                                                        Hyper real docudrama about bullying and harrassment

ABF AGM shareholders film 2015                   Review of year's achievements 

Lloyds Bank Richard Whitehead clip               Inspirational internal comms piece

BP Helios Awards                                            Interview-based short review programmes of good works

Red Bull Racing                                              Viral programmes featuring Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Tullow Oil Compay                                          Board members review programme

Orencia – Kate’s Story                                    Mockumentary about dealing with a medical condition

Anglo-American – Applaud Awards                 Mini-docs shot in Australian locations

Barclays Bank – Topgrading video                  Interview-based programme about onboarding top execs

Lloyds culture change programme                  Vox-pop interview based programme

Jo Boaler – Science of Mathematics               An original approach to math teaching

Societe Generale – Culture Of Compliance    Series of light-hearted compliance dramas

PwC Brand Film                                              Global introduction of new brand

Lloyds Year Review                                         Internal comms featuring top execs

Lloyds Bank – Do You Know Why We’re Here? Internal fraud prevention drama         

Early Years Life Check                                     Government health initiative

PwC-What’s The Point Of Benefits?                 Light-hearted internal-comms drama

Rail Safety Standards Board – RED series       Regular rail safety docudrama

Change4Life promotional film                           Government health initiative

Ford with Patrick Vieira                                     Sports promotion film

Barclays Bank – What If?                                 Anti-money laundering drama

Justice Department through COI                      20 x drama-based web movies

Energy Saving Trust through COI                    5 x  ‘Guide To’ comedy dramas

BT - Anti-bullying films                                       3 x dramas shot as documentaries

Suntory Group – Bowmore Life                         Brand Image film

Red Bee Media – The Way We Are                  Induction for former BBC Promotions Dept

Standards Board - New Code of Conduct         3rd in drama series on personal conduct

Network Rail – SafetyNet                                   Docudrama series

BP - Pressure, Politics, Personalities                Drama about internal politics.

Suntory Group - Bowmore: The Distillers Art    Talking heads/Doc

Vodafone – Where Are We Headed?                Conference Opener

Hydro Renewables – The Lesson                     Brand Image film

PWC–Engagement Lifecycle                             Drama

Coca-Cola – Project Hope                                Mini-docs featuring good works in China

Royal Mail - We Can Work It Out.  Drama

Content Marketing Awards (CMA).  Silver Award 2015

Associated British Foods AGM review video 2014

US International Film & Video Festival  - Bronze Award 2014

Lloyds Banking Do you know why we're here?  Drama

Institute of Internal Communications - Gold Award 2011

Lloyds Banking Do you know why we're here?  Drama

Midas Awards - Employee Communications - Silver Midas 2010

RSSB - RED rail safety series

Commendation - IVCA Awards 2010

Barclays Anti-Money Laundering Unit – What If?  Drama

Gold – New York Film Festival2008

Barclays Anti-Money Laundering Unit – What If?  Drama

Silver - Midas Awards 2008

Barclays Anti-Money Laundering Unit – What If?  Drama

Gold Plaque - Intercom Awards, Chicago Film Festival 2008

Energy Saving Trust – ‘How to’ guides.  Drama

Silver – Business to Consumer IVCA Awards 2008

Barclays Anti-Money Laundering Unit – What If?  Drama

Platinum – WorldFest Remi Awards 2008

Barclays Anti-Money Laundering Unit – What If?  Drama

Gold - World Media Festival Hamburg 2008

Red Bee Media – We Are Red Bee Media      Induction film

Gold Communication in Business Award 2007

BT – A Bit Of Fun.  Drama

Silver – Health & Safety IVCA Awards 2007

Bell Canada AGM Film.   Brand Image

Focal Awards - Best Use of Footage in a Corporate Production 2006

The Standards Board – Local Investigations & Hearings.  Drama

Silver – Government Training - US International Film & Video Festival 2006

Network Rail – SafetyNet.  Docudrama

Silver – Regular Communications IVCA Awards 2006

Unilever– Provocation Film.  Documentary

Silver – Internal Communications IVCA Awards 2005

Hydro – The Lesson.  Brand Image

Silver – Public Relations IVCA Awards 2005

HSBC – They’re Doing What?  Drama

Platinum - Worldfest Houston Festival 2005

Bell Canada - AGM Opener.  Brand Image

FOCAL International Awards 2005

Award for Best Use of Footage in a Corporate Production

HSBC – They’re Doing What?  Drama

Certificate For Creative Excellence - US International Film & Video Festival 2005

HSBC – Recipe for Success.  Drama

Bronze World Medal – New York Film & TV Festival 2004

HSBC – Recipe for Success.  Drama

Certificate of Excellence – Communication In Business Awards 2004

Two To Tangle – Short film. Theatrical Short

Finalist Directors Guild Awards - Outstanding Directorial Achievement 2004

Finalist Kodak/BAFTA Short Film Awards 2003

Showcased Edinburgh Film Festival 2003

Showcased Montreal Film Festival 2003

Showcased Raindance Film Festival 2003

Showcased Filmstock Film Festival 2003

Royal Mail – Starburst.  Documentary

Gold – Internal Communications  IVCA Awards 2003

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